Social Skills Group for Boys and Girls

Social Skills Group for Boys and Girls in Encino

A Social Skills Experience for Boys and Girls

Sign up for our social skills group today! The group experience is an ideal forum for psychoeducational learning. We are social beings, and a group situation allows for opportunities to improve our interactive skills, learn from others, and develop confidence and self-esteem in a social context.

Using a cognitive behavioral approach, we will work on developing stronger executive functioning, emotion regulation, social skills, cognitive flexibility, and language processing.

Our curriculum will help every child master important therapeutic concepts that will help them in their everyday lives and empower them in social situations. The psycho-educational group setting does not tell kids what to do; rather, it educates them by giving them valuable insights and skills they have never learned.

The Five Tools We Will Use in Each Group Session Are:

1. Mini-lessons: Short teaching sessions in small groups to offer new skills.

2. Group activities: Interactive activities that promote learning experientially.

3. Handouts: Written material that teaches life-skill concepts; it will be sent home to share with parents or guardians.

4. Worksheets: Skill-building material to reinforce concepts learned in the group.

5. Visualizations: Activities where the children mentally rehearse and create imagery to lower emotional distress; they will visualize being successful and reaching positive goals.


Facilitated by: Kerry Jimenez (Collaborative Problem Solving and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist)

Phone: 818-900-9444