Dr. McDonald has been extraordinarily helpful in our journey of discovering and working with our son’s learning differences. We have been through two rounds of Neuropsychological testing with Dr. McDonald. She was warm, approachable and professional during each evaluation process. Our son, at age 8 and at age 11, found her pleasant to work with during each evaluation session. Her testing is thorough and comprehensive. Dr. McDonald was also very adept in interpreting the results to our son in a developmentally appropriate manner that enabled him to better understand how his brain works and what his strengths are. My husband and I found her explanations of the results easy to understand and filled with concrete information on how to enhance our son’s strengths and intervene where he needs support. Dr. McDonald’s specific suggestions on how to follow up with information from the evaluations include interventions for the school, with tutors and at home. Even after the official evaluation process ended, Dr. McDonald has made herself available to offer referrals for outside resources and to speak with us and our son’s tutor. We are grateful to have this ally as we move through life with a child who has learning differences.



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