Teenagers go through an enormous amount of change as they develop. And these days, you can pair social, mental, and physical development with additional challenges, like the stress of getting into the right college. Teens may also encounter social pressures and external stressors, and they may end up spending less time with family, due to extracurricular activity, schoolwork, and other activities. Any and all of these factors can stack up, leaving teens feeling overwhelmed, depressed, confused, et cetera.

Teens may also have any number of unique circumstances that have an impact on this critical stage of life. Teens may be dealing with trauma, they may be exposed to drugs and alcohol, or they may have ADHD or behavior difficulties, among other individual circumstances.

In short, adolescents and young adults face huge obstacles while adapting to huge changes. Counseling is designed to give teens an outlet to vent, while providing them with a safe, comfortable space where they can identify their unique issues, address them, and cope with or overcome these obstacles. Here at Whole Child Neuro, we aim to provide teens with a platform to speak openly about their problems and experiences; we provide an environment of trust; and we strive to provide teens with the tools they need to thrive throughout these crucial years. If you’re interested in teen counseling, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule a consultation. We’d be happy to meet with you and your teen to answer any questions you may have and to understand your child’s unique situation. Feel free to continue reading to learn about teen counseling, our practice, and more.