With so many schools to consider, we hired Stacey to help narrow down the search and guide us in the right direction. Our daughter is going into 9th grade and wanted to switch schools, but we did not know how to decide on the right high school for her until Stacey came along. She opened our eyes to many things as she is very knowledgeable about every school out there. Our son will be going into 7th grade and has a slight learning disability, and while I could not see it at the beginning of our journey, Stacey was right on about the school that would be the best fit for him. Stacey took the time to meet with our kids individually, meet with their teachers and administrators at school, as well as meet several times with me and my husband. She really got to know our kids so she could determine the right place for both of them. Stacey is straightforward and honest about her thoughts, which I really appreciate. She also has many great resources, such as tutors, educational therapists, summer schools and camps, etc. I highly recommend Stacey!