Stacey’s passion for touching children’s lives began in 1993 when she worked at Project Head Start. Through this life-changing experience, she developed an understanding of children who possess a wide range of learning gifts and styles and display diverse intellectual, physical, emotional, and situational challenges. Stacey became committed to supporting children with various gifts and challenges.

Then, as a private preschool educator for 11 years, Stacey watched frustrated families attempt to navigate the school selection process on their own, only to find a less than perfect educational fit that set their children up for unnecessarily bumpy rides through primary and secondary school. The process proved even more stressful when a child had learning differences or special needs. Consequently, Stacey created School Shop LA, to focus on school placement and advocacy in 2008 after a 20-year career in education, both as an educator and educational consultant.

The goal of Stacey’s work at Whole Child Neuro here in Encino, is to identify the most suitable and appropriate educational setting for each child while minimizing parents’ and guardians’ stress during this process. From the first contact to ultimate school placement and beyond, she offers detailed support to parents and students. With an extensive contact list, invaluable school administration relationships, an effective combination of intuition and negotiation skills, and unique knowledge of both public and private schools in and around Los Angeles, Stacey helps make the transition to an individual child’s best-choice school both painless and rewarding. She aids families in navigating the plethora of options, obstacles, and pitfalls, saving them time and money and sparing them the heartache of choosing a school that is a poor fit.

Stacey has an enviable track record of identifying public and private schools where a child’s individual strengths, emotional development, learning style, and extra-curricular interests are allowed to develop and flourish. Once a best-fit placement has been made, she guides, assists, and coordinates children’s transitions to their new educational environments, creating pathways to success.

As one of the few qualified, experienced, and respected educational consultants in the Greater Los Angeles area, Stacey is able to effectively assist children of all ages and abilities in realizing their full potential by way of appropriate school placement.

When she’s not helping children and families, Stacey loves spending time with her husband and four children. She particularly enjoys hiking, biking, cooking, traveling, and gardening.